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Cleaning Instructions for:
Porcelain Chalkboards

Initial Preparatory Cleaning

In order to ensure that your surface will function properly, it is important to properly clean the board prior to its initial use.

  • Using a clean, dry cloth and a non-abrasive liquid cleanser, gently clean the entire board to loosen any residue from the board
  • Using a dry cloth, wipe the entire surface to remove all dirt and residue from step one.
  • Using clean water, rinse the entire board.
  • Using a dry towel, wipe the entire board dry.

Important Note: The rinsing and drying steps are extremely important and skipping these steps may cause underperformance of your product.

Daily Use, Care and Maintenance

  • Porcelain Enamel Steel Chalkboards do not require regular washings and should not be washed daily. NOTE: Do not use aerosol spray-type chalkboard cleaners on porcelain chalkboards.
  • The Porcelain Chalkboard surface may write and erase more efficiently after a "chalking-in" process. This process is easy to do and yields outstanding results.
    • Make sure the chalkboard surface is completely dry.
    • Using the flat side of a pure white, good grade, dustless chalk product; "chalk" the entire surface.
    • Using an all felt eraser, in a circular motion, work the chalk into the surface of the board.
    • Clean the surface with a good quality, dry chamois or soft cotton cloth. A faint "chalked-in" look should now be visible. This is normal for a properly cleaned chalkboard surface.

Stubborn Stains

Persistent buildup on porcelain chalkboard surface may be removed with an ordinary kitchen cleanser such as Ajax or Comet. (DO NOT use abrasive cleaners on a markerboard surface.)

  • Wash the board with your selected cleaner.
  • Rinse thoroughly using clean water.
  • Dry the surface with a good quality, dry chamois or soft cotton cloth.
  • You may need to "chalk-in" the surface once you have cleaned it in this fashion.