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Installation Instructions for:
Factory Built Units - SERIES 3, 4 and 8

Claridge Factory Built Units are inspected and are approved as being without damage at the time of shipment. On arrival, carefully examine each carton for damage. If damage is visible have the driver clearly note that fact on your delivery receipt and file claim immediately. Immediately after delivery, open all cartons (save cartons) and inspect for concealed damage. If damage is discovered call carrier and request inspection. Failure to report concealed damage within 15 days will result in the carrier denying the claim. Claridge will not be responsible for damage claims if an inspection report is not secured and a claim not filed within the time limit.


Storing Instructions (Pre-Installation)

Prefabricated markerboards, chalkboards, and tackboards have wood fiber cores or backing materials, and will, under certain climate conditions, show slight dimensional changes. Instructions must be followed to guarantee boards will remain flat and true.

1.After opening and inspecting boards for damage, return to original crates or cartons for storage and do not uncrate until boards are to be erected. Uncrated, they must not be allowed to lean at an angle against the wall or other objects and must not lay on the floor for any length of time. Boards should be stored in as close to a vertical position as possible.
2.Do not erect boards on damp walls or in damp and humid weather without heat in the building.
3.Clean off all fingerprints, dirt, etc. at once.
4.Follow pre-use instructions for optimal board performance.

Step-by-Step Instructions for Installing Mounting Angles

For permanent installations, we recommend using a combination of angle clips and adhesive.

For Masonry Walls

1.Attach bottom mounting angle clip or continuous angle to wall with required wall fasteners at architect's specified marker tray or chalk tray height. Wall fasteners not furnished. Caution should be exercised to assure that the hangers are level. INSTALL ANGLE CLIPS 24" O.C. (Except end clips which should be 3" in from end of board.)
2.When installing markerboards or chalkboards only, slide cork insert out of map rail from end. Pre-drill through map rail and board (using same size drill as masonry bit to be used in Step 5) beginning 3" from each end of rail and repeating every 2'.
3.If using adhesive, apply (Claridge 16A or a wallboard or construction adhesive) to back of board according to manufacturer's printed instructions, or by staggering egg-size globs of adhesive approximately 12" o.c. Adhesive should not be closer than 6" to edge of board. Caution should be exercised not to use adhesive too sparingly or to allow adhesive to remain on back of board more than 10 minutes before hanging.
4.Install board by inserting bottom of board on top of bottom mounting angle. Press board firmly to wall and install screws furnished through angle into board trim at bottom of board only.
5.Drill through pre-drilled holes from Step 2 with a masonry bit, using appropriate fasteners to secure to wall (for installations using 2" map rail we recommend using truss head screws - appropriate for wall conditions - to insure adequate clearance between insert and screw head).
6.Replace cork insert and slide accessories into place, as required. Using self-tapping screws, install map rail end caps.
7.If protective film covers the board face, remove it and clean the surface before using. (See cleaning instructions.)
8.If adhesive is used, be certain entire markerboard or chalkboard is shored up for 48 to 72 hours until adhesive dries.

Important Note: For installations over 16'0" long joined with H-bars, and for combination units, check the back of the boards for run numbers. These boards have been matched at the factory, and assembly will match only if the proper run numbers are put in sequence.

For Stud Walls

Follow instructions above using appropriate size and length fasteners to secure board to wall. NOTE: It is not necessary to pre-drill holes as outlined in Step 2 above.

Tackboard and/or Combination Board Installation

Attach bottom mounting angle clips as outlined in Step 1 above. Then, attach top mounting hangers (with slotted side to wall) maintaining board height plus approx. 1/8" clearance between top and bottom angle, (this will put the wall fastener in the bottom of the slot). NOTE: Snug down wall fastener, but DO NOT TIGHTEN completely. If adhesive is used, follow instructions in Step 2 and proceed to Step 3. After angle has been screwed to bottom of board, use a wooden block to tap top mounting angle down tight against board trim and install screws. See Step 8 instructions for adhesive drying time, if applicable.

Important Note: For installations over 16'0" long joined with H-bars, and for combination units, check the back of the boards for run numbers. Boards have been matched at the factory, and assembly will match only if the proper run numbers are put in sequence.

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